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Autumn in Tuscany (and what is a sagra anyway)

by Laura Gray on October 6, 2018

This is a lovely time of the year; the grapes are safely in the cellar and you can see from the relaxed faces in town that Montalcino’s wine producers have begun to exhale and even sleep at night. The leaves on the vines are turning golden yellow and chestnuts are prickly underfoot. Temperature and seasonal […]

A moveable feast in Montalcino

by Laura Gray on October 6, 2018

Next weekend the four quarters of Montalcino are holding a moveable feast with a course at each of their headquarters, rooms usually absolutely unaccessible to the general public. Starting at 7pm, guests can eat their starter at Quartiere Ruga before ambling to the Borghetto for a first course, stopping off for a main at Travaglio […]

Fancy seeing #awhaleinavineyard?

by Laura Gray on September 26, 2018

If you are looking for an add-on to a few days of admiring cypresses and tasting Brunello, look no further! For over a decade in our cellar I have mentiond “Brunella” to incredulous guests. Between 6 and 8 metres long and with an estimated weight of around 6 tons this prehistoric whale is massive tangible proof […]

Happy (early) Father’s Day from Il Palazzone!

by Jenny Cuddihy on June 15, 2018

091010riserva-3Il Palazzone Brunello di Montalcino makes for a wonderful gift for husbands, fathers & father-in-law wine lovers. Our Rosso del Palazzone is a terrific BBQ wine with its’ lighter, fresher style. And the Il Palazzone Olive Oil would make any Dad/Foodie very happy. Il Palazzone wines  are distributed in many states throughout the US. A few […]
In just ten days fifty artisanal wine producers from all over the world are coming to share their wines and knowledge in Montalcino at the first edition of “Tutto di un Sorso.” After some consideration, growers is how I choose to translate “vignaioli,” a word that in Italian comes trailing with significance, like the French […]

2012 Brunello di Montalcino Recipe Pairing

by Jenny Cuddihy on May 8, 2018

Some things in life are simply worth the wait. Such is the case for this delicious recipe thoughtfully created to pair with the 2012 Il Palazzone Brunello by Chef Dominic Rice of Amali NYC, a beautiful Mediterranean restaurant located in Midtown East in Manhattan that celebrates modern Greek & Italian cooking with the freshest local […]
In the week running up to Benvenuto Brunello here in Montalcino, it was a delight to come across this insightful blogpost from Erico Guido, American wine writer and director of Wine and Marketing for the Morrell Wine Group in New York. It provides a great overview of the 2013 vintage after his attendance at the […]

Reading our EVOO label

by Laura Gray on February 6, 2018

Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Oil produced by only physical (mechanical) means is called Virgin Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is olive oil that satisfies specific high chemical and organoleptic criteria. It must have less than 0.8% acidity, present no taste defects and be “fruttato“. Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the most rich in monounsaturated […]

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Harvest 2017

by Laura Gray on January 30, 2018

This year harvest started on 27th October and finished on 10th November. Our total production from the fruit of 1.000 trees was a mere 1.224 500 ml. bottles. The timing of picking is crucial and linked to the organoleptic characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; the ratio of fruit and bitterness, spice and sweetness. The […]

Benvenuto Brunello USA 2018

by Jenny Cuddihy on January 24, 2018

IMG_2355bWe are very much looking forward to showing our new 2013 Brunello release as well as our Rosso del Palazzone Lot 1/17, Lorenzo & Isabelle 2013 and 2012 Brunello next week in NYC & Chicago. At the Benvenuto Brunello Tasting Events, several notable Montalcino wineries will be showcasing their current Rosso and Brunello releases. Other […]

Benvenuto Brunello 2018 : 16-19 February 2018

by Laura Gray on December 23, 2017

At the end of February Montalcino will be heaving with visitors who have come to attend the 26th edition of Benvenuto Brunello. The word kermesse will be used at every possible opportunity, wrists will shake from pouring and many of us will be surreptitiously rubbing our teeth and wishing that we had ordered a maxi-pack […]

Accomodation within Montalcino city walls

by Laura Gray on December 23, 2017

My father once sagely pointed out that, having never stayed in a Montalcino hotel, I am scarcely in a position to recommend them and of course he is right. I must also admit that I know the proprietors since everyone knows everyone in Montalcino. I will add that I have only heard good things about […]

A wonderful food pairing for our 2013 Brunello

by Laura Gray on December 18, 2017

The 2013 vintage will not be available until January 2018 but, as Montalcino enjoys its first snow of the year, tickle your taste-buds with this wonderful recipe, kindly shared by local chef Raffaella Cova. Raffaella creates incredible food in her home, directly in front of our cellar, the Palazzone that originally gave the name to […]
In the best of scenarios Tuscany in winter is wonderful; glorious light, trees laden with persimmons, fogscapes, wide angle sunsets and the glint of the sea that can be seen from Il Palazzone on the clearest of days. Don’t forget the delights of un-thronged towns and roads, near-empty museums and incredible seasonal food, be it […]

2013 Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

by Laura Gray on November 18, 2017

JAN 2018 : Very Highly Recommended by The Wine Pundit
FEB 2018 : Jancis Robinson – 16.5 pts.
FEB 2018 : Wine Advocate – 92 pts
FEB 2018 : Decanter – 91 pts
MAY 2018 : Wine Enthusiast – 92 pts
JUNE 2018 : Wine Spectator – 93 pts
Scott ConantThank you to the Scott Conant’s Culinary Suite, a beautiful, spacious loft space located in the heart of SoHo, in New York City, that is equal parts private events space, production studio, test kitchen and corporate headquarters, for supporting our Il Palazzone wines and creating this beautiful Pork recipe to be paired with our new […]
As the day draws to a close, the shadows of the cypress trees are lengthening. The stone walls are warm to the touch. The doves are cooing and a rooster in the distance seems to have misplaced all sense of time. The air is balmy with a gentle aroma of fragrant rosemary and sage… or […]

Here’s to Grappa with a capital G !

by Laura Gray on February 17, 2017

Those of you who follow on instagram may remember some earnest postings in August during a visit to Distilleria Nannoni. I had gone to pay my respects to a cask of 2010 Grappa Riserva and to determine whether it was time to unleash this fire-kitten onto the world. For a number of reasons this is a very special grappa, not […]

The sad tale of the 2016 olive harvest

by Laura Gray on January 15, 2017

Well, to say that 2016 was an excruciating harvest for our olives is an understatement. Almost everything that could go wrong did in one way or another. An absolute absence of below freezing temperatures in winter 2015/2016 meant that we did not enjoy the benefit of sterilizing cold which would have been more than welcome. […]
  As humans we can decipher a myriad of scents independently of whether or not we are able to name them. Smell is the one sense that goes straight to the brain and we all know the power of an olfactory flashback, yet it is often the most ignored of the senses. Red fruit, blackberries, […]

2009 Brunello di Montalcino at Cité du Vin

by Jenny Cuddihy on June 1, 2016

We are proud to have our 2009 Brunello di Montalcino chosen to be one of the wines featured at La Cite du Vin, the world’s first theme park devoted exclusively to wine, that just opened this week in Bordeaux with much anticipation from around the world.   La Cite du Vin will have over 800 wines […]
In the vine-rows closest to the cellar we have noticed the tell-tale signs of either Panonychus Ulmi Koch or Eotetranycus carpini, nasty little red and yellow spider-mites, visible only through the leaf damage they leave in their wake. Their presence is a sign that the balance between predators and pathogens is broken and so we are obviously […]