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Budbreak 2014 : Montalcino terroir in action

by Laura Gray on March 24, 2014

Our three vineyards are separated by a total of 15 km (9 miles) and have different elevation, soil composition, vine-age and exposition. These photographs were all taken in the early afternoon of 24th March. At Le Due Porte, where our cellar is, the fuzzy nubs are just visible, whereas at the Castelnuovo dell’Abate vineyards, significantly lower in […]

Back to the past

by Laura Gray on April 5, 2013

We are now tying up the vines and this year Marco “sourced” some vinco from our neighbour’s garden. Those of you who know him can probably imagine the exact scenario. Offshoots from willow trees were used all over Italy for this purpose before being replaced by bright green plastic cord. Prosecco producer Luca Ferraro is also […]

And they’re off….

by Laura Gray on March 30, 2012

The first buds have appeared, signalling the start of the vine’s annual growth cycle. In Italian they are called gemme, which also means jewels. The next stage is known locally as sfarfallamento from the word for butterfly since the first leaves look like farfalle perched on the vinestocks. Budbreak at Le Due Porte, our highest altitude […]

Hello March in Montalcino

by Laura Gray on March 10, 2012

Spring seems to be with us and all traces of February’s snow are long gone. Timid crocus or zafferano are peeping out of the grass and wild asparagus are in season, just waiting to be hunted down by Marco. Mimosa and almond trees blossom in bright yellow and delicate pink in the warm spots of […]

The green, the green

by Laura Gray on March 30, 2011

Tuscany is emerald green. The hedgerows are hazy with biancospino and the hillsides have splashes of colour with apple, almond and cherry trees all in bloom. Primroses and wild violets nestle together on the banks and soon there will be purple irises along every wall and the yellow ginestra in May and then summer will be upon us. But the green of […]