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Thinning Brunello grapes for harvest 2013

by Laura Gray on September 5, 2013

Sangiovese on 7th September 2012

by Laura Gray on September 11, 2012

Burgeoning Sangiovese at Il Palazzone

Fingers crossed: harvest 2011

by Laura Gray on September 18, 2011

It’s that time of year again; to pick or not to pick? Shall we, shan’t we? Who has, who hasn’t? This year many producers in Montalcino began harvest at the beginning of September, particularly the low-lying properties. Historically harvest in Montalcino is in October so this is very early. Temperatures all last week were 5-7 […]

Olive tree report: September 2010

by Laura Gray on September 21, 2010

Olives at Il PalazzoneThe grapes are purple in the vines, the fig trees are laden with sticky delights and the olives are looking beautiful against blue September skies. Though the weather is warm and winter clothes are still packed away in boxes, our thoughts are already beginning to turn to the olive harvest which will come soon after […]
From Wednesday to Friday last week we did our last vineyard operation before the harvest; “spampanamento.” All the “pampani” – the vineleaves – were stripped by hand from the vines to leave the bunches of grapes hanging free, completely unprotected from the weather, for what we hope will be three more days of blue skies […]

Storms circling on 19 September

by Laura Gray on September 19, 2009

The DOCG that governs the production of Brunello prohibits any mechanical manipulation of climate so no new world technology here in Montalcino. Weather is always different and so each vintage expresses these differences in the glass. As harvest draws close we have cut back the number of bunches on the vine so that our low yield receives the […]

Olive Tree Report : 2 September 2009

by Laura Gray on September 2, 2009

treeOur olive trees are thriving. Spring was very rainy but fortunately this did not affect flowering. Right now the olives are green and growing in size – the two finger shots here are a month apart. So far it looks like harvest will be earlier than last year, perhaps in the last weeks of October. […]