FABs for FOPs # 5 / 10 Yields

by Laura Gray on January 26, 2010

The maximum yield for Brunello is currently 7.000 kg of grapes per hectare.
For those of you who enjoy mathematics, the conversion of grapes to wine is 68%.

Producers prune to limit the potential production of grapes. This results in improved quality since the bunches that remain on the vine receive all of the vines’ strength.

As so often in viticulture, less is more.

At Il Palazzone we never pick more than 5.000 kg. of grapes per hectare; our goal is extremely high quality grapes. To have such a low yield involves a green harvest and trained staff pruning. We end up making 2.000 fewer bottles of Brunello than the legislation permits … but we are convinced that the bottles we do produce are better as a result of our self-inflicted limitations.

Reducing yields can be a tough call

Reducing yields can be a tough call

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