First edition of “Tutti di Un Sorso,” 3th and 4th June, Montalcino

by Laura Gray on May 24, 2018

In just ten days fifty artisanal wine producers from all over the world are coming to share their wines and knowledge in Montalcino at the first edition of “Tutto di un Sorso.” After some consideration, growers is how I choose to translate “vignaioli,” a word that in Italian comes trailing with significance, like the French term “vigneron” the word for vine (vigna/vigne) is at the root of it all. Vignaioli are the people who grow grapes and this underlines the significance vineyard management has in making high-quality wine. People who lose sleep over how many leaves to strip, who have working hands and talk about their vines in the way some people talk about offspring. They may also make wines but they are invested in all stages of production, identifying as much as farmers than as winemakers. The growers coming include some big names, albeit with limited productions, from all over the world. The event’s sub-title “tutti i spiriti liberi” – describes them as the free spirits of the wine world. Icons of the natural wine movement, like innovative Radikon and Gravner, from Friuli in the north of Italy bordering Slovenia, and pioneering and inspiring women such as Arianna Occhipinti from Sicily and Giovanna Morganti and her legendary 3 hectare Chianti property. Of course I am most looking forward to meeting the producers and tasting the wines with which I am not familiar, and am in a state of happy anticipation of these encounters. Many thanks to Marco Arturi, Francesca Padovani, OCRA and the Comune di Montalcino for creating, organizing and supporting such a splendid event! Where: Complesso di Sant’Agostino, Montalcino When: 3rd and 4th June 2018 from 11 – 19 €15 entrance fee plus €5 deposit for glassware For more information and other details :   or call +39 392 2267696. Producers present: France Chateau de Béru – Béru (Borgogna – Chablis) Chateau des Rontets – Fuissé (Borgogna – Pouilly Fuissé) Domaine Jean Foillard – Villié Morgon (Borgogna – Beaujolais) Domaine Matassa – Calce (Roussillon – Côtes Catalanes) Domaine Milan – Saint Remy de Provence (Provenza) Domaine Padié – Calce (Roussillon – Côtes Catalanes) Les Capriades – Faverolles sur Cher (Loira – Touraine) Noëlla Morantin – Saint Remy de Provence (Loira – Touraine) Puzelat – Bonhomme – Les Montils (Loira – Touraine) Tarlant – Oeuilly/Epernay (Champagne) Eric Texier – Charnay (Rodano) Georgia Okro’s wines – Sighnaghi Pheasant’s tears – Sighnaghi Germany Immich – Batterieberg – Enkirch (Mosella) Portugal Da Cruz & Teles (COZs) – Vinha da Pena (Beira Litorale) Slovenia Čotar – Komen (Carso sloveno) Klinec – Medana (Collio sloveno) Spain Bodegas Casa Castillo – Jumilla (Murcia) Envinate – Extremadura – Ribeira Sacra – Tenerife Celler Escoda – Montblanc (Catalogna) Jordi Llorens – Blancafort (Catalogna) Terroir al limit – Torroja (Catalogna – Priorat) Italy Altura – Isola del Giglio (GR) Nino Barraco – Marsala (TP) Casa Belfi – San Polo di Piave (TV) Cascina Roccalini – Barbaresco (CN) Cascina Tavijn – Scurzolengo (AT) Bera – Canelli (AT) Il Cancelliere – Montemarano (AV) Giovanni Canonica – Barolo (CN) Cantina del Barone – Cesinali (AV) Cantine dell’Angelo – Tufo (AV) Ezio Cerruti – Castiglione Tinella (AT) Fabio De Beaumont – Castelvetere (AV) Dettori – Sennori (SS) I Fabbri – Lamole (FI) La Felce – Ortonovo (SP) Elisabetta Foradori – Mezzolombardo (TN) Gravner – Oslavia (GO) I Mandorli – Suvereto (LI) Arianna Occhipinti – Vittoria (RG) Il Pendio – Parmezzana Calzana (BS) Perrino Testalonga – Dolceacqua (IM) Podere Le Boncie – Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) Radikon – Oslavia (GO) La Stoppa – Rivergaro (PC) Andrea Tirelli – Costa Vescovato (AL) Eduardo Torres Acosta – Randazzo (CT) Montalcino producers Colleoni – Sante Marie  Pian dell’Orino Stella di Campalto Collemattoni Casa Raia Tiezzi Fonterenza Le Ragnaie Chiuse di sotto Cupano Le Tracce Dragoni San Polino

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