Grapes blossoming in Montalcino

by Laura Gray on June 7, 2012


In the last few days the grapes have been blossoming here at Il Palazzone. The tiny flower clusters are an important indicator for harvest date and it is a delicate time for the vines. Our vineyards are in three different positions; this year the lowest lying vineyards blossomed a whole two weeks before the highest ones. That’s a big difference for the same varietals of Sangiovese, planted just 10 minutes drive apart and yet another tangible demonstration of Montalcino’s wonderfully various terroir. We will see the same difference again at veraison, when the grapes begin to change colour (see here ) and again when we decide to pick.

The olive trees are also blossoming and it looks like 2012 will be a good crop for the trees that did not suffer February’s cold.

The cherries and the roses are out.  The air is filled with the scent of jasmine, lavender and broom. There’s no way to do justice to the colours, the delightful perfumes and the general feeling of anticipation as spring gives way to summer in Montalcino.

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