Private sunset tastings at Il Palazzone

by Laura Gray on April 28, 2015

Setting Sun

As the day draws to a close, the shadows of the cypress trees are lengthening. The stone walls are warm to the touch. The doves are cooing and a rooster in the distance seems to have misplaced all sense of time. The air is balmy with a gentle aroma of fragrant rosemary and sage… or is that lavender? The sun is setting over the surrounding vineyards . If you look carefully you might even catch a glimpse of the glint of the sea or even Elba looming behind the soft pastel layers of the mountains. What could possibly be missing? The gentle chink of glasses while wine expert Esther Mercedes Juergens, gives you an insightful, yet entertaining tailored introduction to Montalcino, the DOCG and our wines.

Think you know Brunello? Think again. Never tried Brunello in your life? In just 90 minutes make up for lost time. Blank slate or sommelier, you have never tasted wine like this before!

Advance booking necessary. 2010 Brunello poured. Only private groups. No guarantee of the weather but you could find yourself looking at this Tastings will be held in the cellar in the event of rain. Visits start around 7pm, depending on the time the sun sets. Sunset tastings available until 21st September 2015. Esther holds the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits. She is a Montalcino resident and truly passionate about Brunello and wine in general. Her tasting sessions are compelling and will add depth and breadth to your understanding of Brunello, whether you consider yourself a novice or an aficionado. For further information please contact Il Palazzone is a small artisanal producer of Brunello, making between 800 and 1250 cases of wine per year.

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