Sangiovese progress report: 28th June 2012

by Laura Gray on June 29, 2012

What a difference a week makes….  The photo above was taken on 28th June at Le Due Porte, the one below on 21st June at the same vineyard.

We have had a week of high temperatures (38°C – 100°F) and no rain. As in most Montalcino wineries,  our chaps are now working the orario unico; taking advantage of the delightful chill of a 5 am start and clocking off at 12 before the day’s heat becomes too intense. The grapes are growing steadily and we have already started the green harvest at our lower vineyards along with manual topping of all the vines (more here) to rein back vigorous tendrils and force the strength of the vines towards the fruit.

Tuscany is slowly turning yellow in the heat and siestas are imperative.

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