The new cellar takes shape

by Laura Gray on August 8, 2012

We procured this 18th century cherry-wood door before the foundations went down for the new cellar. Those nuns knew a thing about security and were certainly concerned about entrance and egress from their convent. I have yet to master the art of opening the wicket gate with the enormous wrought iron keys that fit in no pocket known to mankind. And here is the Cantina D’Invecchiamento where our Brunello ages for over forty months in large Slavonian barrels. Note the undulating cedar wood roof. Each slat is attached by a magnet at either end so that we can have easy access to wiring and plumbing. This part of the cellar is 10 metres underground and has a double wall allowing air in from outside. It is deliciously cool even in the heat of summer 2012.  

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